5 Tips For Picking The Right T-Shirt For Tall Men

Posted on 17 March 2015

1. T-Shirts shrink! Make sure it is long enough.

The unfortunate thing about clothes is they’re bound to shrink once you wash them. When picking a t-shirt, be sure to choose one with a longer length. That way, when it shrinks, it won’t be too short

2. Correct shoulder seam position

The shoulder seam should sit right at the point where the shoulder connects to the arm (see image). If the t-shirt is too big, it will sit further down the arm and look baggy. If its too short, it will sit further up the shoulder and look too tight.

3. Check the sleeve width

Most larger shirts have large sleeves. Wearing a t-shirt with sleeves that are too large for your arms will make you look lanky and disproportionate. Look for t-shirts with a slimmer sleeve. They shouldn’t be tight, but at the same time not have too much excess fabric.

4. Fabric composition

Its true, 100% cotton is very comfortable and breathes well in the summer time. However, without any spandex, they will soon stretch out of shape and will no longer look flattering. Picking a fabric with a small amount of spandex will ensure longer lifetime, springing back to size after every wash. Spandex also ensures a ‘comfort stretch’ which is well suited to more fitted shirts, as to not restrict your movement.

5. Don’t skimp on quality or fit

Spending a little more on t-shirts that are higher quality or fit better will go a long way. Higher quality fabrics will be more comfortable and last longer. With a better fit you will look better and feel better, feeling comfortable to stand tall.

Tallboy Tees have a longer length, fitted chest and slim sleeves and are perfect for tall men. They are made from 95% premium cotton fabric and 5% spandex to ensure durability and a comfort stretch. At just $29 each, they are an essential for any tall man’s wardrobe.

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