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Posted on 21 January 2015

Today I found an old diary entry dating back to early 2012 when I had just started putting the wheels in motion for my Tallboys dream. I've always found the process of ideas manifesting into reality fascinating. Reading this entry again, its interesting to hear about my mindset at the time and what concepts have since come in to fruition.

Further to that, it makes me think about the ideas I have floating around my head right now and the way they will affect how the future unfolds from here. Forget 'The Secret', this is the power of the mind in action. Documented!

Diary of Nick Tann - February 27th, 2012


First product: T-shirt

Start simple. Right?

I believe dress shirts will eventually be where it’s at. For us lankier folk, unless you want to fork out for a tailor, its impossible to rock a dress shirt off the rack and still look smart. For testing purposes, however, I believe starting simpler with a T-shirt makes sense. One crew neck and one v-neck available in black or white.

First things first. A pattern.

No need to reinvent the wheel, just steal one.. right? Wrong. As far my extensive research goes, the pattern for a T-shirt that better fits a tall and thing does not exist. Bad news - I’ve got to get one made. Good news – there’s a hole in the market.

After calling all pattern/sewing companies in the greater Vancouver area, I visited a lovely and surprisingly helpful pattern maker ‘Deedee’. I briefly explained the project and she almost instantaneously jumped on board, mentioning her vertically gifted son and providing me with all sorts of useful information. I asked her about the eternal issue of the stretched collar. Turns out its due to the quality of the rib. Noted! She took my measurements and the dimensions of my personal best fitting T-shirt and gave me the number of her contact ‘Paul’ in the textile business. “Go choose a fabric then come back and we’ll make a pattern”.

I left bearing a few concerns in mind

  • DeeDee seemed concerned about the idea of me sourcing my materials from overseas. It must be tough times in the pattern/textile industry. However, if the quality is up to par and the price is right, it could well be the most viable option.

  • As helpful, nice and genuinely ‘on board’ as she was, I may not necessarily be getting the best bang for my buck.

  • Same goes for ‘Paul’.


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