Laundrophobia - Fear of Spin Cycles

Posted on 14 April 2015

There’s nothing more frustrating than putting on yesterday’s favorite t-shirt to find that it’s now slightly more snug in the shoulders, that it doesn’t quite hit your waist the way it used to, or maybe it shrunk so much that it now feels like a corset is slowly wringing out your body like a wet towelTake a deep breath… 

I’m getting teary-eyed just thinking about that moment. I’ll try to not let the tears hit my shirt since I still have a slight phobia for the heinous wash/dry routine. Those machines accept coins to operate, which seems honest enough for a soiled workload. But my fellow tall boys know that these machines often prefer to be paid in the form of cotton yanked from your favorite tee. When it’s time to empty out the devil – I mean dryer – it’s not uncommon to find something like this hidden behind a loose sock… 

The eyes above pretty much depict the pain we tall boys have felt far too often. Too long have we been afraid of the spinning, coin–eating scoundrels that think it’s cute to play a tune when they’re done turning our most beloved V-neck tee into what would be considered slim fit for a toddler. 

Fortunately, you have found yourself hanging with us at Tallboys Apparel. Don’t worry about losing your favorite tee to the spin cycle again. Wash after wash, dry after dry, you’ll have the perfect fit. As fun as towel wringing corset hugs can be, we think it’s better to let you get those from the ladies. 

Just to further relieve any laundrophobia you may still have, we have a few tips for you to de-shrink your tee. We’ve got your back…or at least whatever tee rests on that back.

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