We're Going Up...Perhaps On A Tuesday

Posted on 18 April 2015

Drake was kind of right. FYI Drizzy is 6 feet tall. We accept him as a Tallboy


"Airplanes are fun"…said nobody. But my tall friends and I usually say it the loudest. If you’re like us, you want to be stylish wherever you’re jetting off to. Of course, we at Tallboys Apparel are happy to help you with the style part. 

But planes are plain old short on space. That go-to air travel tee (are we the only ones?) is bound to wrinkle, stretch, and fold if it doesn’t fit quite right. The twisting and turning from being stuck between a tray table and a hard place will leave you with more of a cape than a tee shirt. Unless you’re Clark Kent (6 feet 3 inches tall) and forgot to tuck it in, capes are just not a good look.

How do you avoid a cape-tee crisis as a tall traveler? My tall friend, get a tee that fits you just right. Yes, we know it’s tough when you’re a swanky lanky. That’s why we exist.

Some air travel related tall problems are impossible to avoid. Just take a peak at this poor gent. The cabin ceiling pretty much gave him a buzz cut...well, he's already bald, but it was a tight fit nonetheless.

So airplanes and tall people really don’t fit well together. But, at least we can make something fit for you. Soon enough we’ll both be wearing the same go-to air travel tee. We had it first.

Catch the full video of our tall friend on a not so tall plane here:


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