What Women Want

Posted on 26 April 2015

We're not going to recite the Mel Gibson movie. We're here to let you in on some secrets of the modern day woman.

Caution: no surprise ahead.

Women like their men to be tall, dress well, and edgy.

Caution: actual surprise ahead.

Many women actually prefer the tall, sharply dressed, edgetastic gentleman over a shaven, rubber-faced gent.

A survey found that about 25% of women prefer their mancandy to have facial fur. Step one is apparently to burn your razor. I don’t think any guy would have a problem with that.

A bit surprising that the same survey found that only 12% of women wanted a muscle-man lover. Turns out women actually want a tall (SCORE!), well-dressed gent over a protein guzzling gym-goer.

So put that dumbbell down and closet that protein powder. It’s time to grow a beard, growl, and spit some game.

However, before using your shaving cream for graffiti rather than grooming, understand that every survey has its flaws...

Over ⅔ of the women surveyed selected humor as a key ingredient in man. Just under Being a kind and romantic lad were more important to that ladies than factors like intelligence.

Men, well, we’re easy. almost 70% of guys said that their woman has to be attractive. At least we know what we want. Oh, and we also want our ladies to be crazy. Only about 4% of the men surveyed said they wanted a mature lover. Sounding more and more like the perfect woman.

Next steps for our Tallboys out there:

  1. Grow a beard.
  2. Scoff at pushups.
  3. Dress well. Dress very well.
  4. Look for the crazy hot ones.
  5. Stay tall.

You got this.

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