Tall and Short. A Perfectly Opposite, Loving Marriage

Posted on 04 May 2015

Looks like opposites really do attract.

Love is a short word. And Joelison Fernades de Silva is anything but short. Nevertheless, tall met short and love ensued.

As Brazil’s tallest man, Dasliva, 28, didn’t always have huge popularity to equal his huge stature. He actually dropped out of school to avoid being bullied. Although we suspect that low door frames were partly to blame as well. They’re sneaky.

But DaSilva stopped growing seven years ago. Why? A medical operation to remove a benign tumor halted his ability to keep sprouting.

Since then, he’s grown in many other ways. DaSilva has not only regained his confidence, but he’s also found love. Found is an appropriate word in a few ways because his new partner is 5-foot-tall Evem Medeiros.


Medeiros’s dad apparently couldn’t measure up to the news. He was a bit shocked.

Pops should be happy since DaSilva is literally twice the man he ever was.

DaSilva said despite the slight height differential, the couple makes it work. “We adapt. Lying down. everyone is my size."

Hey, Evem, buy your man some tall tees. We’ve got just the thing.

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