Tallest Man in the Room

Posted on 13 May 2015

We can all relate to sometimes being the tallest person in the room. One of those too tall souls has found a way to love his tallsomeness.

Michael, a 6’11” Austrian, has always been the tallest person in the room. As you would expect, there are some issues that come with being taller than an average doorframe, showerhead, mattress, sedan, and the list goes on.

Sure, growing to be a mighty tall man can be fun and have its benefits. But there comes a time when enough is enough. Michael’s mother seemed to have reached that point early in Mike’s childhood.

“In secondary school, my mother actually wanted me to see a doctor because she was genuinely worried that I might never stop growing.”

Being the tall kid in class can be frustrating.

When bullies can’t pick on the smelly kid, they sometimes move on to the next biggest target...literally. It was tough for Michael to overcome the bullying and other feelings that come with teenagehood.

However, as he started to grow into his stature, he began to realize the benefits of being tall.

“I always have the best view, I can change a light bulb without a stool, I win every race, and I always get that seat by the emergency exit.”

So what if he can’t fit through a door frame. He can sit in the nosebleed seats for the next Miley Cyrus concert and still be able to see Miley be - well - her.

And while noting that the Vienna tram system isn’t so kind to his skull, I think we all agree that there’s pros and cons to every height. At least when you’re tall, people look up to you in more ways than one.

Michael has made lifestyle and architectural changes to relieve some of the problems with being too tall. He literally raised the roof in his home by incorporating high ceilings. He also adjusted the shower head so his spine didn’t turn into a question mark after a rinse-and-repeat shampoo session. Also, by altering the height of the kitchen counter, he can chop, slice, dice, and season all without risking a lower back injury.

One of the biggest issues is that Michael can’t find clothes in his size. He says, “It’s not too often that I come across a place that sells clothes in my size, but when I do, their selection is awful.”

Well, Mike, if you’re reading this, we have the tall apparel antidote.

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