NBA Finals Prediction. Height Will Matter.

Posted on 30 May 2015

Ah, the NBA Finals. Where the tallest, fastest, and highest jumping basketball players face off to end it all. But will it literally be a face-to-face face off? Or will one team have to stand on its tippy toes to make it a fair height fight?

The two competitors, the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, seem to be equally matched. The Warriors have Steph Curry who can hit a three-pointer standing anywhere in the country. The Cavaliers have LeBron James. No need to say more.

But we all know the true test of any team’s ability is its height. When you’re making bets on the finals, this should be the key metric to evaluate. Nothing matters more than height. Not even points. Ever heard, "Defense wins championships"? Well, that's wrong. It's, "Height wins championships. And everything else."

Sure, Steph can hit a jumper with his eyes closed while doing a handstand and playing the violin, but is he taller than Kyrie Irving? And even if LeBron can jump from Cleveland and dunk an elephant through a hoop in the Middle East, is he taller than his counterpart on the Warriors?

Vegas should really base the odds for the finals on a ratio of the two team’s heights. Consider yourself lucky to have read this post. You now have the secret sauce to winning all of your NBA Finals bets.

Oh wait, a couple more facts for you…

  1. Kyrie and Steph are the same height (6-foot-3)

  2. The average height of both the Cavs and Warriors is 6-foot-8.

Damn it, Vegas. You sly devil.


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