Why Fit Is No Longer Enough for Tall Guys

Posted on 19 June 2015

Guest post written by: Rued Caspar Riis

Rued is the founder and author of Tallsome where tall people can improve their lives in almost every way.


Q: Would you wear a sack just because it was long enough for you?

A: No. That’s why we tall boys need clothes that both look good and fit.

I’m a tall guy. And I love that. What I don’t love is shopping. Shopping for shirts in

particular. T-shirts are fine since I know my favorites. Pants are also pretty

easy; I just filter for 36” and 38” inseam options (usually online). But button down shirts - oh dear...

Button downs for tall people do exist, and after having tried quite a few, I also must admit that the scene is getting better and better. Most tall shops cater especially for the long and slim guy such as myself. I’m 6’8” and weigh 230 pounds. That’s a lot of man, and that requires a lot of shirt. But not just big everywhere because I’m not big everywhere! That stuff just doesn’t fit. It’s always way too baggy.

cartoon image of a tall guy wearing clothes that are too baggy. tall guys need tall clothes that fit well and look good


So where do you get a nice, casual shirt for a long lad like me? Different tall guys like different tall styles. We, generation tall, shouldn’t settle for boring and dull designs that are built to sell, not built to be on trend. What I like is a shirt that fits well. That is always a priority. But tall shops have to look further so as to incorporate style. Because the next thing, when I know the shirt fits, is whether it looks good. Simple as that. If it’s not on trend then I’m probably not going to buy it. All tall people want is to have clothing options that fit and are as fashionable as the shorties have.

So here’s my advice to tall shops: Take a chance! Play with patterns. Mix fabrics. Experiment with cut. Because fit is just not enough.

I came across Tallboys Apparel and was immediately impressed.

Tallboys has button down shirts that seemed like they’d fit tall gents with a good cut but also a good trent. I’ve always wanted clothes from the fancy Copenhagen shops, but they just don’t fit. Doesn’t hurt to dream, right?

Is Tallboys the tall shop that will make my casual, but stylish dream come true? It’s a tall order, but I think it’s a possibility.

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