Charleston Stands Tall. Stands Strong.

Posted on 25 June 2015

Standing tall has a variety of meanings. Recently, no other meaning strikes me more than the one that is defined as perseverance.

The attack in Charleston will require the South Carolina community to stand tall. A short, villainous, disgusting act of violence will require a long, continued approach to finding peace in a time of pandemonium.

Charleston is capable.

We’ve seen it in Boston, New York, Connecticut, and, unfortunately, too many other areas around the country. They all stood tall. They all stayed strong.

The attacker in Charleston is yet another one of many that we’ve seen that embody true evil. His desire to destroy and have others suffer is a feeling that 99.9% of the population cannot understand.

While the attacker, who shall remain nameless in this post, tries to disassemble, we will choose to build. Clearly the more powerful mechanism, building will always outpace deconstruction.

The point here is that you should never be afraid to stand tall for what’s right. If you’re tall, don’t hunch. People look up to you in more ways than one. Set a good example and try to make everyone a builder. The more builders we have, the more progress we can all enjoy.

So next time you put on a Tallboys shirt, know that in order to wear it properly, you need to stand tall. Not just for yourself, but for Charleston.

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