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Posted on 09 December 2015

XLT Clothing offer a slim and tall online shopping experience. This week we sat down with Kyle the owner of the business and talked about fashion for the vertically gifted.
So what made you start XLT Clothing?

Alabama Tall TankFrustration. In the Christmas of 2013, a friend of mine wanted to purchase a gift for me. She settled on the idea of clothing; unfortunately, she was stifled in the process of finding me a simple pullover hoodie that would be long enough. I attempted to help her find one that I’d like and became so frustrated that I immediately voiced, “I’m going to start a business for slim and tall men…because this is ridiculous”. It took off ever since then. 

What effect has being tall had on your life?

Being tall was a gift and a curse growing up - attention (un/wanted) & esteem (fell/rose) vacillated. I can say that it fashioned me into the person I’ve become today. Being tall brought confidence and cognizance to who I am. After apologizing for my height so many times, I’ve become rather unapologetic for being who I am. Now, I’m an advocate for the generation growing up tall. It’s something to be proud of.

What makes your site different to other tall stores?

We’re not a Big & Tall store. One of our slogans is “Just…Tall”. We are focused on the Slim & Tall market since we’ve been rather deprived of reasonable options for clothing for quite some time.

Long Sleeve Tees

Who are your customers/readers?

Our customers are slim and tall – ranging from 6’4” to 6’10” (so far). That is also inclusive of women of the same height. Our readers are a different realm, however. Though we meet our targeted audience, there has been a large population of readers who are not tall at all. Because we post about tall experiences and general experiences as well, we tend to find our readers gravitating toward the entertaining content.

What does the future hold for XLT?

The future is in the hands of the consumer. We have plans to introduce new apparel & new projects but it hinges upon how much interest we’re able to garner to level-up in our company. Thanks to the XLT Community, the vision is bright.

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