"The only way to survive in this city is to beg or steal" - Young 'Homeless' Dude / Haight-Ashbury

Posted on 06 June 2013

Take one crappy job, two scoops of ‘over it’, mix that with a little psychedelic re-evaluation on your 25th birthday and pretty soon you get TALLBOYS APPAREL

He looked just like me. Twenty something, white, healthy male. I guess that’s why it had such an impact. I had just arrived in San Francisco without a green card and was on the hunt for some under-the-table work and a place to sleep. He was sitting on the steps of a McDonalds and had asked me for some money. I too was broke and had to decline. As I continued walking, I heard him exclaim behind me “The only way to survive in this city is to beg or steal”. I learned a valuable lesson that day.

Skip forward 3 months.

I’m in Vancouver and I have a working visa. Happy days. But working for the man is not going to cut it. I grow more and more ambitious every day and have yet to find a niche that sticks. Knowing you have what it takes to succeed is one thing. Finding something you can stay passionate about is a whole other ball game.

Skip forward 3 more months.

Its my 25th Birthday and I’ve taken the day off from my less than desirable landscaping job. I’m standing on top of a table in my backyard, re-evaluating my life while marveling at the contrasting colours of fairy lights wrapped around the clothes line when I think..

Fuck this job, fuck getting up early, and fuck this shirt.

Enter: Tallboys Apparel

 Nick Tann
 6’3 - Head Tallboy


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