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Posted on 16 June 2013

Like most tall boys, finding clothes that fit is an ongoing problem. Pants always too short, shirts too baggy, sleeves not long enough, the list goes on..

Fueled by the desire to escape the unsatisfying 9-5 lifestyle, I set out to fill this void in the market creating a business manufacturing and distributing clothes for tall boys like myself.

Deciding T-shirts were the best place to start, I started getting local professionals on board with my ‘t-shirts for tall men’ concept and before long I had my first sample. I named it the ‘Tallboy Tee’, the perfect T-Shirt for tall men.

Tallboy Tees are just the beginning. We currently have various other patterns in the works and aim to produce a whole range of products from long length jeans to tall dress shirts.

 Nick Tann 
 6’3 - Head Tallboy

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