Flosstradamus Chooses The 21 Best Trap Songs Of All-Time

Posted on 10 October 2016

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Some things are simply undeniable. The world is round, eight hours of sleep is the healthy amount, and Flosstradamus are two of the absolute kings of trap music. Ever since the release of their “Original Don” remix more than four years ago, the Chicago-bred duo have been two of the most important contributors in the direction of the genre. Inspiring generations of producers after them, and maintaining some of the most engaging and iconic live shows in the scene, Flosstradamus’ legacy on trap music is something that won’t soon be forgotton.

In celebration of the duo’s deep history within the trap circuit, Billboard Dance decided to have Curt and Josh choose the 21 Best Trap Songs of All-Time. Included in their list are some of the genre mainstays that we’ve come to know and love, like “Core,” “Dum Dee Dum,” Baauer’s “Roll Up” remix, and “Prison Riot,” as well as tracks that the novice listener might never have happened across. Regardless, all of the tracks have made their way into Floss’ live shows over the years, helping to cement them as one of the biggest names in dance music.

Check out the full list below, beginning at No. 21 and ending at No. 1.

Source: Billboard

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Source: Flosstradamus Chooses The 21 Best Trap Songs Of All-Time

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