Grooveo aims to be a game-changer for live DJ streaming

Posted on 12 October 2016

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Live-streaming technology for DJ sets is by no means groundbreaking, and in fact, many applications already exist that provide such a service. However, a recently-launched Grooveo aims to disrupt this market with a distinctive quality: those using it can get paid during their stream.

Grooveo works the same way most streaming services do, requiring DJs to provide only a soundcard and webcam to use to sync their performance with the app. It works on multiple systems, from vinyl to digital, and even can be used with multiple cameras so viewers can get a full breadth of the “live” experience. Then, during the set, viewers have a chance to tip DJs as their performing using “beatcoins.” Later, they can even be paid for their own royalties.

View how the full operation works here.


h/t: Magnetic Mag


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