♫ Listen: テレヴァペ – 永

Posted on 11 October 2016

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It was more like four months ago. Or? Four months until then from which I became human in a length of time that’s less wise and periodically knowledgable. Distant, in whatever I can be, you feel. Then stammering on at a party not really to anyone, everyone occasionally looking like, “Who he talking at?” And this is a work event. “I’m Just a Girl” going off on Karaoke while happy hour OPEN BAR (????) is just on fire among the casual. Decent. A noise you never heard before, and this isn’t the bathroom. But, maybe we never met. Maybe. So let’s find an access point together. I’m just down the street. The park is a nice location. I wish we was in Washington or Canada. New World Mall got all the bootleg. Cash in on that produce; FROM WHERE? You see a new product in the grocery area. It reads by テレヴァペ. Then you grab a bag. Time is only 11:08AM. Get nuts with us:

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