♫ Listen: Crying – “There Was a Door”

Posted on 14 October 2016

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An RV drifts towards the Mojave Desert landscape’s horizon line, the wind-tousled mug of a golden retriever peeking out of its passenger-side window. Credits slide vertically across your retinal field of vision like rain droplets down a windshield to the tune of Crying’s “There Was a Door.” The trio’s seamless synthesis of distorted rhythm guitar and glimmering chiptune melodies form the ultimate soundtrack to a roadtrip across the dimensional border between the flat, paint-swatch brushstrokes of the Gameboy Color and the Gamecube’s aspirant polygons.

Imagine an Anamanaguchi cover of Rascal Flatts’ “Life Is a Highway.”

Insert it into the concluding scene of a Disney Channel Original movie starring a young Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Crying’s upcoming LP, Beyond The Fleeting Gales extracts pure exuberance from a strangely satisfying blend of Jefferson Starship’s kitsch-rock extravagance, Smashmouth’s lovably cornball brand of early-aughts optimism, and the whimsical synth-pop of Magnetic Fields’ debut material.

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