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Posted on 13 October 2016

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In the middle of the night, a car pulls up outside. Their stereo’s blasting. On the bus, a cell phone rings, and a muffled conversation follows. Upstairs, they thump around all night. Downstairs, Please Respect Our Neighbors. Next door, one song loops the whole night through. No one gets up to turn off the stereo. Apparently. The car drives off, eventually. Your battery’s dying, or the speakers have blown. Somebody turns on their stereo to drown out that stereo. I’m too tired to put anything on, in bed, with pillows closed over my ears. The sky’s already yellow outside. I can’t see, but I can, into oblivion. Brief, nightmarish dreams. Overloaded with echoes and scrambled trash. Endless drops, assaults. I just want to sleep. Still, it repeats. The only thing left to do was wake up, eyes pounding with dry, morning light.

Or, as nic writes: “when i was in 9th grade i threw madonna’s ‘confessions on a dance floor’ in the trash bc i thought it would make me gay.”

~~~~~~ <3

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