♫ Listen: Swan Meat & ssaliva – “Nightmare Fuel”

Posted on 19 October 2016

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“Nightmare Fuel” has been going off in my apartment on repeat for the past 20 minutes, and my dog is agitated, to say the least. She was totally fine before I rolled this here, but now it smells like fertilizer because I found a glitter-on-red-felt Mandarin character piece of art hanging out the trash shoot. And it’s on our table fuming out the joint. Noxious wafts of chemicals; dog fixing her fifth position, while still a beast; this philodendron is speaking with me

Both Swan Meat and ssaliva are so minimally IN-YR-FACE, it almost sounds sacrificial to song. Similar to ANGEL-HO and Elysia Crampton, Swan Meat and ssaliva crucify club with manic mayhem, dosing the remains in a vat of “Nightmare Fuel.” An altar of decode. The mainframe is mostly our concern. What’s your next move? Does anyone know how things are happening anymore?

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