Piano Day Exclusive #5: Michael Price, Douglas Dare, & Peter Broderick

Posted on 11 October 2016

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Wanting something special to close Piano Day 2016, the organisers decided on a unique, improvised performance by three of the artists heavily involved – Douglas Dare, Peter Broderick, and Michael Price. Playing off each other, and relying on their talent, the result is a slow, meandering track that is as beautiful as it is melancholic. It’s a fitting end to our series of videos from the event, and a testament to the magic of collaboration.

Peter Broderick

“My friend Desireé has a musical project called Brumes, and one of the first pieces of hers that I heard was a beautiful thing called ‘Martin’s Scale’. When I asked her about it, she told me that a friend of hers (Martin) had showed her this particular scale which is quite easy and fluid to improvise within, and her piece came out of improvising with that scale. I then learned the scale myself and now I often find myself playing variations of this little piece, heading off on long improvised detours with it. I felt it would be an easy thing for all of us to play together that evening, considering we didn’t really have time to rehearse together.”

Douglas Dare

“It was wonderful to join Michael and Peter for a spontaneous performance; I think our improv really shows how you can converse with music and it showed us to have sentimentality and humour all at the same time.”

Michael Price

“As a thorn between two roses, helping the song ebb and flow, the trio was a rare treat. I could hear Peter’s idea from one side, and Douglas’ decoration from the other, and feel the audience willing us to get safely to the far horizon. Just beautiful.”

Photo by Alex Kozobolis.


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