Premiere: Meme Vivaldi – Late Night Virtual

Posted on 18 October 2016

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The broken mind is not one to casually mend. Years of practice makes a perfect amount of heal-time, but like the wings of our Sun, crispy is always better than baked. Maybe a little mustard, and these bars will just melt into a prison break. Riot the sax until there is no note left to midi. Trickle in something special. This is your evening. I believe you’re ears can do the trick. It’s time to toss on the new Meme Vivaldi joint.

El Cuarto Elástico is proud to present Late Night Virtual in all colors and forms. Well, really on digital and cassette formats. And having just dropped a Lil B’s worth of releases just in the past 15 minutes, Meme Vivaldi is on a prolific level that not even The Beatles could ever reach, although that was four dudes, and Meme is just one. Ether way… get a good heal from Late Night Virtual, and find the tape NOW on El Cuarto Elástico. Explore the depths of brain:

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