Uni Ika Ai Share Their Stunning Debut Album [Premiere]

Posted on 14 October 2016

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Brooklyn’s Uni Ika Ai, comprised of Maia Friedman (vocals, keys, guitar), Peter Lalish (guitar), Tom Deis (bass) and Dan Drohan (drums), are just a day away from releasing their debut, Keeping a Golden Bullseye in the Corner of My Mind, and we’re thrilled to be sharing the album with you a little early! The tracks above, produced by D. James Goodwin, offer a stunning exploration of ethereal pop at its best. The songs are dreamy without becoming cloudy — they exist within a comfortable haze and tempo, but don’t succumb to feeling lethargic or apathetic. The vocals and instrumentals push forward with ease, creating tracks that feel steady but triumphant, relaxed but purposeful. Catch the band at Union Pool for their release show next Tuesday, pre-order your copy and learn more about the album below!

For years I had this vision of a golden bullseye, hovering in the corner of my peripheral mind. It acted as a beacon, guiding me down a path toward a better, more fulfilled self. I held this image in my mind as I continued to wander closer toward the person I wanted to become. There were times when this vision would move out of my sight and I would become distracted, and forget where I was heading. But eventually I would realign myself in the direction I was wanting to go. This record is what came from walking down this path, and trusting in the strength of the creative spirit.

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