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Tallboys Apparel is set on providing tall men with a tailored experience, right off the rack.
Online-only fashion start-up Tallboys Apparel, stakes its claim on the tall menswear market with no sign of slowing down in the future. Attracting customers on a global scale with a unique, tall fit at an exceptional quality. Tallboys Apparel introduces its new range of Tall Basics: a collection of timeless styles in versatile colors.

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Model is 6'4 (193cm)

Tallboy Tee

Tallboy Sweater

Tallboy Hoodie

Tallboy Short Sleeve Navy

Tallboy Button Down Maroon

Tallboy Tee Tallboy Sweater Tallboy Hoodie Tallboy Short Sleeve Tallboy Button Down

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Tallboys Apparel brings you a collection of tall basic menswear for the vertically gifted. Featuring a range of versatile pieces with minimal to no visible branding, suitable for both casual and professional wear. Available in timeless colors for easy pairing with no compromise on fabric quality, ensuring comfort and longevity.

A gentlemen’s wardrobe isn’t complete without the basics.

Category: Tall Menswear

Height Range: 6’ (182cm) to 7’3 (221cm)

Price Range: $29-$99 USD

Product Range: Crew Neck Tee, V-Neck Tee, Crew Sweater, Hoodie, Short Sleeve Button Down, Long Sleeve Button Down

Fit: Long length, long sleeves, slim and regular available.



Long sleeve cuff Tallboy Sweater Folded Tallboy Tees
Tallboy Tee Grey Tallboy Button Down Navy Tallboy Short Sleeve
Folded Button Down Tallboy Short Sleeve Maroon Long Button Down Sleeve





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Fit is king.


We understand that when you look good, you feel good. We believe that every tall man should feel comfortable in his skin and his clothes. We design with the aim to provide tall men with the perfect fit so they can stand tall, feel comfortable and look great.


Australian born founder, Nick Tann shares his story starting Tallboys Apparel while living in Vancouver, Canada.

Nick Tann

Like most tall boys, finding clothes that fit is an ongoing problem. Pants always too short, shirts too baggy, sleeves not long enough, the list goes on..

In 2013 I set out to fill this void in the market creating a business manufacturing and distributing clothes for tall boys like myself.

Deciding T-shirts were the best place to start, I developed a better fitting T-shirt for the taller man, featuring a longer length, fitted chest and slimmer sleeves. I paid particularly close attention to fabric selection and make quality, as I wanted to create something that would not only last, but feel great. I named it the 'Tallboy Tee', the perfect T-Shirt for tall men.

Tallboy Tees were well received by the world’s taller gentlemen and continue to ship all across the globe. Some customers come back up to 5 or 6 times a year.

In 2015 we released a limited range of Tallboy Button Down Shirts, featuring longer sleeves, longer body length and tall button down collars. Once again addressing key fitting issues the vertically gifted face on a daily basis.

Excitingly, 2016 will see the introduction of premium wardrobe essentials including Hoodies, Sweaters, Long and Short Sleeve Shirts in both slim and regular fits. Not to mention a restock of our Tallboy Tees in even more colors than before.

It's a good time to be a Tallboy.




Year Founded: 2013


Founder: Nick Tann


Sales Channel: Direct to Consumer, Online only. International delivery.


Customer Profile: Male, 6’ (182cm) to 7’3 (221cm) Tall.


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Contact Person: Nick Tann 

Position: Owner / Founder

Phone: +61 431 285 714

Social: Instagram | Facebook

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